Gail Flockhart

Contemporary Arts Practitioner-Researcher


In an age of perfectionism with intense pressure to be 'liked' on social media, an emerging 'aesthetics of the self' within digital-visual cultures has implications for our unique sense of self and often fragile identities. 

Through practice-led arts research, my work examines self-representation and identity, where this is fundamentally informed by lived-experience and subjectively-situated knowledges.

Looking at performativity and the role of women's self-portraiture in art, my research explores how cultural, social, ideological and political values become inscribed into the body, and how this may link to the democratised practice of self-expression in selfie culture.

I consider the feminine stereotype and gender alongside the encrustations of past, personal trauma and memory, where an authentic sense of self can become blurred, buried or lost. Often using light and the domestic interior as a metaphor for externalising inner dialogues, I seek ways in which we might better understand the self and 'other' through affective encounter and empathic vision.
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Top: Self-Portrait of a Previous Selfie (2018)
Below: Anonymous Self-Portrait/s (2018)
DSLR photographic images

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