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'December Writing' (2019)

This year's Card Music has been influenced by a series of constitutional walks I've been making, starting in 2016 and continuing up until the present day. During these walks I began to realise how beautiful (and often overlooked) the local bushes, trees, flowers and surroundings are, and started photographing them using my smartphone for convenience. My idea at the time was just to gather ideas for paintings–this has grown into assembling a bookwork (called 'Flower Walks' - to be published in 2020) and developing a series of digital prints for exhibition and sale, as well as providing inspiration for my painting practice.

In December Writing I have used a selection of these photos, and some abstract images derived from them, as initial inputs into an indeterminate, digital work that generates a series of ambiguous, painterly images. The accompanying, rather uncompromising, music has been developed using my Parallel Music compositional method and in this I've attempted to evoke something of the charming density, mystery and texture of the flora imagery. The allusion to writing comes from the calligraphic, asemic forms that appear in the stems and branches of the flora depicted and the idea of a walk as a kind of diary. Each playing of the original software generates a new combination, a fresh experience.

Below is a gallery of videos generated using the digital software I constructed. You can, of course, play more than one at a time for a layered soundtrack, and, conversely, turn down the music if you just want to enjoy the visual imagery.
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to Download

Here are three 'musical cards', as high quality movies, that you can download and play at leisure. Each is a variation (there is no 'original') and has been generated using the digital software I constructed with a playing time of around 4 minutes.
Card Music 2019 image 1 download card music i
Card Music 2019 image 2 download card music ii
Card Music 2019 image 3 download card music iii
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to Play

Below is a small gallery of videos to view. You can, of course, play more than one at a time for a layered soundtrack, and, conversely, turn down the music if you just want to enjoy just the visual imagery.


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About Card Music

Card Music is something I began in 2005 in order to make available a kind of sonic Christmas card to family, friends and a wider audience online.

Over the years the idea has grown and developed and I have used a number of approaches: reworked carols, an advent calendar, modified Robin's songs and so on—all of these manifested using the parallel music system to create pieces that are different every time they are played.

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